Azusa Canyon Recon.

Took a trip into the mountains because my cousin and his friend wanted to give us a taste of the Azusa Canyon OHV in Azusa, CA. If you haven’t been there, the best way to describe it is a partial dry riverbed with dirt, sand, rocks, and other features. The front of the OHV has man-made obstacles for hardcore rock crawling, but we ventured beyond that into the valley where there is a mix of multiple-difficulty trails, water crossings, scattered mud areas, and of course the main river itself. There’s a little bit of everything for all levels – from hardcore lifted monster trucks to bone-stock daily drivers (like me, for now). If you’re ever in the area, the OHV is in the San Gabriel Canyon, located about 11 miles north of the city of Azusa on Highway 39.

Two full modded FJs (my cousin and his friend), my brother and his stock Tacoma, and me taking a photo break on one of the trails.
Rolling down one of the dirt hills; photo isn’t that great because it was from my brother’s old iPhone 4S.
One of the many water crossings in the OHV park. This was a lot of fun, even on stock tires and suspension.
I had so much fun I went back to do it again….
…and my brother taking the same river crossing in his longbed ’13 Tacoma TRD Sport.
I paused to take a photo of my truck on this really, really mild hill, and it made me start thinking about upgrading the suspension and adding a lift.
I think I need some Weathertech’s up front. I don’t remember walking on a beach.

It was pretty cloudy on the drive going there, and the rain kicked in the moment we arrived. It ended up raining the whole time we were there, but that didn’t matter, because it was super fun! We were there the whole afternoon, and I got to try the Frontier (bone stock suspension) on all sorts of terrain and obstacles, and I learned what it was capable of doing on the stock setup.