After over 3 years since the original install, my left side Utilitrack LED strip was acting up, sometimes lighting up as expected and sometimes not – so I figured it was time to replace the LED strips. I ordered a new roll of LED light strip… and since I had time over the weekend I decided to fix the Utilitrack LEDs. When I did the first Utilitrack LED install I used the plugs included with the LEDs. The plugs ended up being the point of failure – and since there’s really no reason for me to have to unplug the LED strips, I decided to hardwire the LEDs direct. First I had to remove the old LED strips:

White strips turned yellow after 3+ years. Tail lamps taken out to access the LED wiring.
New LED strip roll, 16′ for a whole $9 shipped from
Measured out for the correct length – 47″, almost exactly on one of the cut lines on the LED strips.
To ensure no connection issues, I soldered wires directly to the LED strip.
Heat shrink installed to protect the connections.
This was the cause of the problem – the snap-on plugs included with the original LED strips.
Soldered and heat shrink installed = super reliable connections.
Quick test before installing the LED strips onto the Utilitracks.

All good again. Just a quick recap – these LEDs are wired into the cargo lamp harness behind the rear seats. This is so the bed LEDs will go on whenever the cargo lamps were on.

And we have bed LED lighting again.