I had some off-road lamps on order, so this is technically part 1 of that project. It was also the perfect time to install an auxiliary fuse block to support extra electrical circuits. I’ve used Blue Sea Systems fuse blocks many before, so it was a no-brainer when I shopped for a new one for the truck. I went with a 6-circuit ST Blade Fuse Block #5025. I like this model because it has a dedicated negative bus, so all accessory wiring can go straight to the fuse block and nothing extra added to the OEM battery terminals. It also has a clear cover to protect the terminals.

I bolted the Blue Sea fuse block to the OEM factory fuse block cover, the one to the rear of the engine compartment on the passenger’s side. For power and ground, I ran a pair of 4-gauge cable from the OEM battery terminals to the Blue Sea block in a specific route in a way that if I had to, I could easily remove the OEM fuse block cover (to gain access below) without having to disconnect anything on the Blue Sea unit.

Here I’m just figuring out the spacing for the BlueSea Systems fuse block and my amp’s main fuse holder.
Here’s the Blue Sea fuse block bolted down, with ample clearance between it and the amp fuse holder.
Here’s how it looks installed in the engine bay. Cable routing allows me to access OEM fuse block underneath, no disassembly required.
Top view, the circuit labels tell you what off-road lamps I had on order.