Hold the Phone.

I normally use Waze while I drive so I needed a way to hold my iPhone 6 Plus where I can see it. I have used the MacAlly Mcup in other vehicles with great results, but because of the position of the Frontier cupholders (back near the elbow) I had to come up with a solution. The idea: directly mount the Mcup onto the console bin at the top of the center console.

For power I used a 2-meter USB extension cable and an Anker Lightning Cable. It had to be that long so I could run the extension from the OEM USB port under the center arm rest through the center console area and up behind the OEM radio. After mounting the Mcup assembly into the top bin, I had my iPhone front and center – making navigation use easily visible and accessible.

Used a Dremel to cut some small holes into the console bin.
Just enough for a Lightning cable to fit through.
Modified the base of the Mcup to use a ¼” bolt.
Tied a loose knot to limit the exposed cable length.
A regular fender washer provided a strong, sturdy mounting base.
Bolted together now; cable exit hole is barely noticeable.
USB extension cable from center armrest USB port.
How it looks completed. Phone can be clamped/released with one hand, and clamp rotates to any viewing angle.

UPDATE 03.07.2015: Mod removed when Kenwood DNX-892 Head Unit was installed.