10″ Bumpercars.

Two months into 2015, my brother showed up one day with his Tacoma and he had installed a full sound system in, consisting of JL Audio components, Alpine amp and an Alpine Type-R top-of-the-line subwoofer. He was pushing 250-watts into a single 10”, and I was surprised at how much bass he had compared to my low-end pair of Kicker C10s. Since I like my music on the road, at that moment I decided I was going to go “all-in” and upgrade my entire sound system.

First – the subwoofers; Out went the mediocre Kickers and in went a fresh pair of JL Audio 10TW1-4 subwoofers. The volume required by the new (and bigger, and heavier) JL’s were pretty close to the sub box internal dimensions, but I went ahead and added about 0.5-pounds of polyfill to increase the “volume” that the subs would see. With the subwoofers swapped out, I knew I needed an amp that would be able to give the subs more power. Like a lot more power.

New JL Audio subwoofers mounted in the subwoofer box. These subs are a lot more stout than the original Kickers.