Shiny Crowns.

After I quickly finished the re-do of my Utilitrack LEDs, I decided to keep going and do another LED-related project. First I had to add some aux switches; last summer (don’t remember exactly when) I found some small surface-mount push button lighted toggle switches on eBay that I thought I’d use one day, so I bought a few for future purposes… like today. (*Forgive the lack of detailed photos from here on, it was getting dark and I just focused on finishing the install before it got too late). So… under the dash I installed two new relays, an in-line dimmer switch (what?) and ran some wires:

Tip – print or draw a wiring diagram of what you plan on doing. Trust me – it makes everything go smoothly.

Next, I installed the two switches. This small surface-mount push button switches light up when the parking lights are on, and light up bright when switched to the “on” position. I mounted them on the left side of the center console, just forward of the parking brake:

Here’s the push-button on/off switches.
Switches are easy to reach and out of the way.
Both switches “on” (red lighting is from the under seat LED strips)

With the interior part done, it was time to move up front under the hood. At this point I only had to connect some wires to my Blue Sea fuse block for protection, and make some final connections:

Running out of available spots!

This is because months before I bought a pair of waterproof LED lamps and I installed them in the engine bay. The right side lamp was installed on the inner fender liner, underneath where the battery tray is. The left side lamp was also installed on the fender liner, but underneath where the OEM air box sits. Both lamps were positioned directly above the custom brackets for the reservoirs of my King Shocks. With these lamps already in place, all I had to do is connect the wires some day (like today!) and the mod was complete:

One switch to turn on the reservoir lamps – this is at lowest brightness…
…and here are the reservoir lamps at full brightness.
Wider angle, subtle but attention-worthy.