LEDs Everywhere. Sorta.

Using the same wiring harness I ran for the Power Tailgate Lock Mod (it was a 4-wire harness) the other two wires were for the bed LED Light Strips. I ran an LED strip from end to end on the bottom edge of the left and right UtiliTracks on the sides of the truck bed. The wiring for the LED strips ran behind each taillight before meeting in the center underneath.

From here I connected the other end of the harness to the cargo lamp harness behind the rear seats. This made it so that the bed LEDs would go on whenever the cargo lamps were on – whether the trigger was unlocking the truck, or using the cargo lamp switch in the dash. This also ensured that I wouldn’t leave them on accidentally, as they would automatically turn off when the cargo lamps also turned off. Cost for this mod was about $15 for the LED strips from eBay.

I thought I had more pics of the bed LED install, but this is it until I can take a better one.

The photo below is my map lights; I switched all of the interior bulbs to white LEDs (about $20).

Just to add this here since it’s about lighting, I swapped out the OEM headlamp and OEM foglamp bulbs to Phillips Crystal Vision bulbs. Also, I did eventually swap the back-up reverse lights (in the taillamp assembly) to a pair of Phillips White Vision 921 LEDs. I did not take any photos of this, so you’ll just have to believe me.