Here’s a bone stock Frontier SV Crew Cab on the left vs. my SV Crew Cab on the right.

I keep getting asked what kind/how much of a lift I have on my truck. Well it’s a real chassis lift (not a body lift or silly drop-bracket lift) set up to just about 3.5″ all around (a tad higher in the rear for a very slight rake). My suspension setup and lift components are as follows:

  1. Custom King Off-Road 2.5″ Coilover Shocks, extended throw and adjustable compression
  2. SPC Upper Control Arms, adjustable camber and caster
  3. PRG Aluminum Lift Spacers, top hat mounting
  4. LCA Camber/Caster Bolts, OEM Nissan
  5. Bilstein 5125 Rear Shocks, custom extended travel
  6. Deaver 2.5 Add-A-Leaf (AAL), 2-leaf version
  7. Nisstec U-bolts, Zinc plated 7.5″ inch length
  8. Nisstec Rear Axle Shims, 2.5-degrees