Roger That, Midland.

Had a family camping trip coming up and we all decided to get CBs so that we can communicate while driving. I couldn’t do an in-dash since my head unit took up all the room, and I also wanted a radio I could take with me away from the truck, so I decided that the best choice for me was the Midland 75-822. I like how you can install it into the vehicle (It has a DC adaptor that features a 12v plug and an external antenna connection) or you can slide the DC adaptor off the radio and install an external battery pack (two types included) to transform it into a full mobile CB.

Eventually I’ll hardwire the DC adaptor to the vehicle and run an Firestik NGP CB antenna, but for the meantime this works just fine. The CB is small enough to fit right into the little gap in between the passenger side seat and the center console, and it also fits in one of the cup holders.

Midland 75-822 is slightly bigger than the seatbelt buckle.
Small enough to sit in the cup holder ready when I need it.