I got in on a group buy for a set of Morimoto XB-Series Type-S LED Projector Fog Lamps from The Retrofit Source, but I had to wait an extra week because the first shipment had one good lamp and one broken one; I contacted TRS and they did send a replacement to me, so no worries. All photos below show installation with the optional Lami-X film; however I’ve since removed the film because it significantly decreased light output.

NOTE: If you want to see a How-To on swapping/installing these fog lamps, click the link.

Fresh out of the box, Morimoto XB-Series LED driving lamps
This is from the left side, with the wheel turned all the way to the left for room.
How it looks from the outside. (NOTE: Lamin-X film removed after install.)
NOTE: Old photo with Lamin-X still installed.

RESULTS: As I quickly found out, the yellow Lamin-X film kills a lot of the LED light output. After a few days I removed the film and the Morimotos were super bright. With the Lamin-X film off the lens, the light cutoff was almost HID crisp at the top edge, and the light output seemed like it doubled from when the yellow film was on. So if you’re considering buying the optional Lamin-X yellow film, save yourself $20 and DON’T. It reduves the LED light output a lot, and makes the upper cutoff a little fuzzy. (NOTE: old pics below, Lamin-X film was removed afterward.):

Front view, all lights off.
Front view later in the day, all lights on.
Close up of the new XB fog lamps on.
Evening photo from the front.

UPDATE 03.26.17: Replaced with Rigid Indurstries LED driving lamps.