All Terrain Pattern.

Somewhere in between the few days I took installing the White Rhino light bar, my new off-road lights were delivered. Instead of doing LED bars or small square LED cubes, I went with the classic old-school look and selected the PIAA 520 Halogen Off-Road Lamp Kit. They are 6-inches in diameter, with a steel housing and the easily recognizable “PIAA” light guard grills.

Brand new and shiny – the PIAA 520 6″ ATP Lamp Set.

I selected these because of two reasons: first, they had a slim profile, which was required due to how close the White Rhino light bar mounting holes are to the bumper. Second, I picked the “ATP” version, which stands for “All Terrain Pattern” – which is best described as a combination of the fog lamp and flood lamp pattern. I felt that this would be the right beam pattern due to the fact that the PIAAs would be mounted in between the OEM headlamps and the OEM fog lamps. Here’s the ATP pattern (photo from PIAA website):

Normal light patterns up top; PIAA’s “ATP” light pattern below.

Since I already had the Xterra switch wired up and the White Rhino bar was installed and also ready, all I had to do for the PIAAs is bolt the lamps onto the light bar and connect the wiring harness to the Blue Sea fuse block and two wires to the Xterra switch. These last parts of the install only took about 30 minutes, including waiting for the soldering iron to get hot.

The lamps come with a really big relay.
All mounted up and wired, I think the size is perfect for the White Rhino light bar.
Depending on when you look, sometimes you can see the blue/yellow reflection of the PIAA Xtreme White bulb.
I have Phillips Crystal Vision bulbs in the headlamps and fog lamps.
Everything on (low beam) plus the PIAAs.
They’re not LED or HID, but I think they are pretty good for old-school halogen.