Quick Loader.

I came across Pipeline Racks, they made a bike holder that was faster than the RockyMounts in terms of load/unload, it’s basically a cradle that holds the front wheel of the bike. When I saw that they made a version that bolts directly to the UtiliTrack called a “Rail Rack”, I ordered one up and installed it the night before a ride on M-Trail in Riverside, CA. I kept the RockyMounts on the rail but moved them to either side of the centered Pipeline Rack, which ended up being perfect for when we needed to shuttle the bikes up to the top.

Installed the Pipeline Rack at night, you can also see another view of the UtiliTrack LEDs I installed previously.
I can carry 3 mountain bikes in the bed now. Mine is in the middle.
Photo taken after the ride back at home, tires are dirty – and another view of how the Pipeline Rack is installed.