Came across a deal for brand new OEM Pro-4X oil pan & transfer case skid plates for $30 (for both!) so I figured why not; I know they’re nowhere near as durable as aftermarket, but better than nothing – and oh yeah, did I mention $30 for both? They were never used or installed, and even had the Nissan bar code labels still stuck on them. I spent another $4 at the hardware store for some grade 8 M8x1.25 bolts. Installation took a few minutes, it was nice how the skids each had two slotted mounting points; that way I could thread in two bolts, slip the skid in place, then put the other bolts on.

Here’s the back side of the oil pan skid; Nissan bar code label meant it’s fresh.
The two front mounting points were slotted for easy install (sorry for the bad focus on the pic).
Here’s the transfer case skid plate; slotted points are on the outer edges.
Wider view of where the transfer skid is positioned, right in front of the exhaust crossover pipe.