Took a Saturday afternoon drive up in the trails above Silverwood Lake in San Bernardino, CA. The weather was so weird – the whole afternoon it changed back and forth from sunny to windy to rainy and back again. Here’s a few pics, I didn’t take that many because it was kind of cold outside, heh:

Taking a break near the top of the mountain. Those clouds moved in fast.
Sometimes the sun was out, sometimes the clouds rolled in.
Right front squishy at 25-psi, right rear sorta flexed.
Same as above, 1 minute later. Note the weather change?
Standard group photo, taken on one of the descents.
Back to civilization, airing our tires back up.

Speaking of, I got to use my new Viair 300P Portable Compressor for the first time, and it was pretty cool to use. It’s relatively small, weighs about 8 pounds, can do up to 150-psi, and comes with a nice carrying bag. The “5-in-1″ inflator head locks onto valve stems with ease, has a built-in pressure gauge, and has a built-in 2-way deflator (momentary and constant). It has an isolated base keeps the compressor from floating around on the ground when in use, and absorbs a lot of compressor noise. Finally, the compressor uses a standard 1/4” quick-release output connector, should I decide to replace/upgrade the 25-ft. coiled hose.

For science (lol) I timed how fast it could inflate my KO2s from 25-psi back up to my daily driving 38-psi pressure, and it only took 2 minutes and 15 seconds flat (per tire). That was just a few seconds off the pace of my cousin’s $400 ARB compressor, so that’s perfectly fine considering I paid $149 for the Viair.

This is my new air compressor, the Viair 300P.