I used to have to borrow my parent’s Toyota Highlander whenever I wanted to ride my mountain bike somewhere far (I even installed a receiver and bought a platform rack for it), so it was very refreshing going up to Big Bear for this summer’s MTB season in my new truck. I liked how the truck felt driving through the windy sections of the road up to the mountains. I also found that the 4.0L engine was very up to the task – even when it was loaded with 3 people, 3 mountain bikes, and loads of extra gear. I went to Snow Summit every other weekend for 3 months between opening day in May to the end of July, so I put some mileage on the truck, but it’s fine because it’s always fun driving it up.

This was a bi-monthly sight – my Frontier, some mountain bikes, and a trip to Snow Summit in Big Bear, CA.
Left side wall ride baby hop exit by yours truly, nothing special here LOL