Recently I checked out a friend’s audio system and they were using a pair of Soundstream Stealth amplifiers to power their speakers and subs. Now I remember back in the day when the Soundstream brand was one of the big names in the car audio world (along with Precision Power, Hifonics, Coustic, etc.) but then they got bought out and seemed to disappear from my memory… until I saw my friend’s system. Turns out that the current Soundstream amplifiers are pretty small and pretty good! After listening to all of the songs in my personal “Audio Test” playlist, I decided to take a closer look at these amps.

Doing some research I found that although the current brand products might seem to be “optimistic” about their power outputs, they did have a model that fit my needs – the Stealth Series ST2.1000D. The ST2.1000D is rated at 140-watts x2 at 4-ohms, and it comes in a chassis that measures in at a mere 6-1/2″ X 3″ X 1-1/2″ (LxWxH). This was smaller than the KAC-M3004! I placed an order on Amazon and in a couple days, the ST2.1000D arrived:

Still in the package, next to the KAC-M3004
Look, it’s smaller than the Kenwood amp
Another view showing the size difference

…and a little sneak peek at what the new rear fill amp will look like mounted on my freshly upholstered passenger-side platform:

Looks like it’ll work out!