Total Chaos.

For the front the first item on my list was a pair of aftermarket upper control arms. I did not want to deal with coil bucket contact at all, and since I originally planned to do a 2.5″ lift up front, I knew for sure that I needed an aftermarket UCA. I looked at PRG, SPC, Calmini, and after a few phone calls I had myself a brand new set of Total Chaos Upper Control Arms for a sweet price.

Fresh new Total Chaos upper control arms after installing the bushings and bump stop.

While on the subject of arms, I also addressed the lower control arms with a set of OEM Nissan LCA camber bolts. I like how the Nissan camber washers were keyed into the bolt much better than all of the aftermarket versions I saw (which had one flat side that I noticed were not as accurate). The local Nissan dealer in my area wanted $132+tax (!) so after some Internet searching I ended up ordering 4 OEM camber bolts, camber washers, and matching nuts from a Nissan dealer all the way out in New Jersey for $90 total shipped.

Brand new set of OEM Nissan lower control arm camber/caster bolts.
OEM Nissan upper arms compared to the Total Chaos set, you can easily see the differences.
New upper control arm installed.

Install notes for Total Chaos UCAs – If your left rear UCA bolt is pointing to the rear, you’ll have no problems with the steering linkage being in the way – fortunately my truck had the bolt this way, so removing the OEM upper control arm was easy. Make sure you have a Dremel handy, as some trucks (mine included) have two small metal “bumps” in each of the mounting brackets for the UCA; Total Chaos notes this in their instructions. It only takes a few seconds to grind those bumps flat, so that the aftermarket UCA rotates smoothly. Also, use a lot of grease during installation, and make sure to pick up a 23mm open wrench and 25mm long socket for the ball joint.

UPDATE 07.14.19: Replaced with SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms.