After installing my suspension lift once again I had to temporarily remove the fender liners, mud flaps, and front spoiler for clearance. I didn’t like how the front end looked without the lower part, so I decided to trim the spoiler so that I can reinstall the lower bumper pieces only and still have tire clearance. Because of the shape of the spoiler pieces there was no way I could trim it other than by hand, so first I picked up a second front spoiler set from another member here on the forum. With my trusty Dremel, it took me about 45 minutes (and a lot of melted plastic bits everywhere) to first trim and then smooth out the edges. With the trimming done, I reinstalled the parts underneath the bumper. I like how the truck looks higher without the front lip part, but even better now since it no longer looks like there’s something missing down there.

Trimmed spoiler below, original spoiler up top.
Trimmed spoiler installed.

With that out of the way, the mudflaps just need a small trim on the lower edge for clearance. However, it does look like the fender liners will need reshaping. I’ll do this later when I get around to it.