I’m getting better gas mileage because of this thing changing how I drive.

When I saw the UltraGauge EM-Plus in my brother’s Tacoma, I had to have one. Install was a snap – plug the cable into the OBD2 port under the dash, run the cable along the back of the knee panel, up along the side trim, and I stuck it on the dash with the vertical mount. It actually took me longer to get everything programmed to how I liked it.

The gauges I normally have setup for daily driving are (clockwise in the photo): short trip miles driven (resets at key off), short trip MPG (resets at key off), average MPG (so I can compare across an entire tank of fuel), engine temp (I prefer a number over a vague needle), distance to empty, and gallons of fuel left (changed this to “miles traveled” later on).

It’s a pretty useful little gadget – it doesn’t do ECU reprogramming or anything of that sort – but after using it for the first couple of weeks I realized how heavy my right foot was, and eventually changed my driving habits because of it. If you’re thinking of an OBD scan tool, I’d strongly suggest you consider the UltraGauge.

By the way, the 22.1 MPG shown was achieved during a long road trip back home.