Bright Flashy Red Things.

One evening my brother came over to check out my install and to show him the amp and processor placement I had to bring out a flashlight so he could see. That gave me an idea – how about adding some lights! I ordered a set of “LED Glow Multi-Color 7 Color LED Underdash Lighting Kit” which is basically 4 light bars and a control box. I installed the control box under the center console cup holder (I won’t be changing the light color much, but if I need to I can get to it without tools) and I ran two of the light bars to each front seat, mounted on the outboard trim panel.

The other two light bars I installed above the driver and passenger foot wells. I used the Kenwood DNX-892’s built-in switch to be able to turn the floor lights on and off using the head unit’s touch screen – no extra toggle switch installation needed. I’d say that 99% of the time I keep the lights off, but if someone wants to take a look at my install I can just tap the touch screen and the lights go on. FYI: ignore the color variances below, photos were taken at night. The actual light color in person is a deep red.

First light bar installed under the driver’s seat, this is the view from the driver’s foot well.
This is how the lights look from the left-rear seat.
This is how the lights look from the right-rear seat.
Third light bar under knee panel on driver’s side.
Fourth and last light bar under glove box on passenger’s side.