White Knuckle Rock Slider Install, Part 3 (See Part 1 or Part 2)
The last part of the White Knuckle Rock Slider install involved traction. Sometimes I drive my parents around to family functions and they’re pretty old, and I didn’t want them to slip trying to step on a round tube and get injured. The first try involved trying 3M Safety Walk traction tape. I cut a few strips and stuck them to the top of the bars where I normally see people step. The tape is like gritty skateboard grip tape, so added traction was definitely there. However the first time it was tested in “real world” usage, my friend scratched the back of their leg getting out of the truck!

Sonic the Hedgehog says it’s no good.

I immediately removed the 3M tape, and searched for an alternative. I came across Hi-Tech Industries GT-5000 gun tape… which obviously is for guns – but it looked like it would do what I needed. When the GT-5000 arrived, I installed them onto the sliders and found that it was perfect. The GT-5000 is made of rubber, and the surface is similar to what you see in bath tubs, it doesn’t have that gritty sandpaper feeling. I ended up going with one piece for the front, and two pieces on the rear kick-out.

Still gives traction, minus the scratching skin stuff.
Rock slider installation is complete.

Standing back and admiring my work (LOL) I noticed how excellent the craftsmanship of the sliders were; this was evident when looking at where the angled ends of the rub bar line up in relation to the Frontier body. The spacing is perfect on all areas.

Front fitment is perfect… angle matches body lower edge.
…and the same goes for the rear. Angle matches bed lower edge.

Oh yeah – this also added some more stickers to the collection. I just have no clue where to put them all =)

More stickers.

UPDATE 07.07.19: Rock sliders were removed and replaced with OEM Side Step Rails.